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Peanut butter and chocolate BLISS BALLS

Delicious high protein bliss ball snacks

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Chocolate truffles recipe

Chocolate truffles    500ml fresh cream  1/2 tsp chilli powder  Zest of 1 lime  500g Tien Giang 70% 60g butter  Cocoa powder for rolling    Heat cream, chilli and lime till almost at the boil  Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 30 minutes  Chop chocolate, and butter and put together in a bowl Heat cream back to almost at the  boil and pour over the chocolate  Mix until smooth  Leave to cool for 2-3 hrs Put the cocoa into a try and Scoop teaspoon sized pieces onto cocoa  Roll into a ball  Chill  ENJOY 

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Chocolate Brownie recipe

Lovely gooey rich chocolate brownie

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New Food safety registration

We have just completed our annual food safety audit which is required for supply into Foodstuffs, other retailers and many establishments selling and producing food. A copy of this is attached here or get in touch for a copy if you need it for your program.      

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New Shipment on its way!

Yay! Finally we have some new stock on its way from Belgium. Its been a while but finally we have an eta on arrival, due into Christchurch on the 12th of September. Give me a day or 2 to unload it and allow for unforeseen delays. Unfortunately the Dark chocolate with Orange Bars and the Dark Lemon and line bars from Cavalier Stevia Sweetened range have missed this shipment, but we will try really hard to get these back in as soon as possible. The good news is that we will have the Hazelnut spread also from the Stevia Cavalier...

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